About MOT Examinations

What is an MOT examination?

An MOT test is a safety test for vehicles which use public roads. It is a legal requirement to have a test carried out on your car each year. MOT is an abbreviation for the previous body, Ministry of Transport, which regulated the testing of vehicles. The Ministry of Transport was replaced by the Department of Transport. MOT testing is now regulated by the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA).

Do you understand the benefits of a No Repairs MOT?

We recently made the decision to become an MOT Only centre. We no longer carry out repairs, to demonstrate to customers fairness and objectivity over the MOT examination. Don’t be fooled by Free Lifetime MOTs on the purchase of new and used vehicles. Just think about how much you will be paying in repairs over the lifetime of the vehicle. Trust a No Repairs MOT centre; it speaks for itself!

Is there a fee for Retests?

Charging for an MOT retest, subject to certain exceptions, is at the discretion of the vehicle testing station. If a vehicle only fails on minor items and is returned for a retest within 24 hours, you should not be charged a retest fee.

When to book an MOT?

VOSA allows additional time to be added to a new MOT certificate. Therefore, up to 1 month additional time can be added, which is why  MOTs R US advises customers to book in 1 month before the MOT expiry date.

Prior to MOT computerisation, customers had to present their old MOT certificate to the examiner before the additional time could be added. However, this process is now automatic and no old MOT certificate is required.

MOT queries?

MOT queries should be written to us in the first instance. If we feel we cannot help you, you will be advised to contact VOSA, the Vehicle Operator and Services Agency, which will further investigate the matter. VOSA appeal forms are available on site. You can call the VOSA MOT enquiry hotline on 08703 300 444 or visit their website at www.vosa.gov.uk

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